We are introducing Michalina Golunska’s own created, innovative treatment program – 3 STEP MESOTHERAPY and 24 KARAT GOLD GLOW!. These programs contains combination of all the knowledge, years of Michalina’s experience and best set of world aesthetic practice rules to achieve significant skin rejuvenation and tone improvement effect – tighter, younger, glimmer- glowing skin.


Mesotherapy is one of the most effective non-surgical therapies of implementing HA & active substances into the skin. Procedure undertaken to rejuvenate the skin and not only – effective for skin tightening, strengthening and softening wrinkles. Improvement of the face tone and oval. Proper skin nutrition, regeneration and deep hydration. Skin aging prevention and face rejuvenation. Creation of new blood vessels and harmful free radicals, helps with red veins and rosacea. Stimulation of fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin. Stimulation of skin regeneration – replacement with new cells, helps with stretch marks, scars, atrophic scarring, acne and enlarged pores. Improved skin cell metabolism and micro-circulation up to 4 months after the initial procedure. 

Big advantage of it is safety and versatility of the procedure (can be perform on whole of the body, face, hands, scalp area for hair regrowth). Automatic injection depth control downgrades discomfort of the treatment to the patient, shortens treatment time and skin convalescence if any. 

The best therapeutic results can be achieved with regular treatments. Frequency of sessions depends on the skin / treatment area condition, individual patient’s problem and chosen preparation. A maintenance session of twice a year would also be recommended.



Treatment takes 2 hours and can be performed at any time of the year. Please attend your appointment with no-makeup if possible. 

If you planning any invasive procedure please scheduled it AFTER your meso appointment. 



Impressive knowledge and years of experience in Mesotherapy field allowed Michalina’s to create an unique technique of…

  • 3 STEP MESO – treatment is performed in 3 segment parts (segments can be mixed or may change the order according to your skin needs). It is mainly anti-wrinkle procedure. Fantastic aging prevention and a way to keep the youthful condition of the skin! Treatment clears the layer or 2 of the dead skin, wrinkle fulfillment and face contouring achieved with HA will automatically make you look refreshed and rested, extended part of the procedure where we use significant dose of vitamin cocktail will upgrade the structure and rejuvenate the skin, needling leave it with tightening effect! Healing will take few days till a week with sensitive skin.


  •        24 KARAT GOLD GLOW – it is a layer of specially composed cocktail, highly condensed ingredients for skin rejuvenation, radiance and glow are injected into your skin to shrinks the size of your pores, natural looking and sun kissed base that lasts about 6 weeks. This treatment promises to provide your skin with warm, gold coverage, shiny glow, hide blemishes, redness and dark eye circles. It is a MUST HAVE TREATMENT with an instant effect! Dead skin will be cleared from the surface for deeper cocktail penetration. The cocktail is applied under the cleaned and cleared skin using a micro-needing device. Slight redness might be visible straight after procedure. Apart from sensitive skin types, you would only require one day worth of downtime. 




Reaction of the body to the treatment is varied and individual but in most of the cases theres no side effects.

In very rare cases of sensitive skin side effects may occur.. allergic reaction, slight bruising or swelling, slight redness, slight pin points or itching – that should disappear on its own spontaneously after a few minutes or hours (from 6 to 72 hours). Let your skin recover for 2-3 days after the treatment provide the basic skin care with intense hydration (lots of cream for the night time) and avoid the sunshine (sun-beds). 


Home Kit available for bests, longer lasting results – This is performed by the patient at home. Derma-roller with shorter needles (usually 0.2 mm) is in use here. No aesthetic is needed and there is no downtime. A patient “rolls” themselves once every 3 weeks using the active substances from the therapist and should not let anyone else touch the roller.



  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding time (minimum 3 months after giving birth)
  • Active acne, active herpes, viral hepatitis
  • Allergy, hypersensitivity to the medicine ingredients 
  • Poor treatment toleration (skin with dilated capillaries, risk of fibroses),
  • Diseases of the blood,
  • Epilepsy,
  • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (steer clear of the neck),
  • Lupus erythematosus,
  • Psoriasis, RA,
  • Neoplastic diseases,
  • Heart diseases, starter,
  • Diabetes,
  • Cancer Therapy,
  • Multiple Sclerosis,
  • Use of anticoagulants medicine (aspirin).


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    Also I had researched clinics for the mesotherapy and I had been quoted €430, but Next Door Spa charged me €250 so I was delighted and I wasn’t treated like just another customer. New treatment is fantastic!

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    Next Door Spa as a first one on the Irish market is proud to introduce a completely new technology of wrinkles and fine lines reduction with skin tone improvement! No pain and no marks method! Tried it, you will love it! Fantastic effect after one time already!

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