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CONSULTATIONS  To learn more about you, your health concerns and what treatment would be best to meet your needs, the first step is a consultation.  If you have any condition that you are under on-going medical care for, you must disclose this before scheduling an appointment so we can evaluate your situation and determine if […]

PERMANENT MAKEUP TRAINING BASIC – 3 DAYS These courses are designed for beginners, people that have no knowledge or experience in permanent make up. Course contain all the knowledge that you’ll need to perform permanent makeup brows, eyes and lips procedure. All of our courses are fully accredited and insured. You will receive a Certificate […]

Years-long exposure to harmful environmental influences, stress, smoking, alcohol and sun radiation results in unfavourable changes in the skin like acne, hyperpigmentation, discolouration, skin lacking firmness and elasticity, wrinkles, effective in treating hair loss, poorly nourished hair and recurrent dandruff, also alopecia, stretch marks (in various body areas) and cellulite. Mesotherapy allows reversal, hindering and slowing […]